There has never been a more opportune time to be in the cannabis industry. The increased legalization and change of cultural acceptance and norms have combined to create the perfect storm. The time is now.

What we at Cannverge have found is no lack of money or desire on the part of sophisticated business people and investors to enter the market. What is lacking is the operational expertise and experience to truly be successful. Growing true quality or “craft” cannabis is not easy. It takes years of hard-fought experience and is as much art as it science. Where cannabis companies fail is not in the idea or business plan, but rather in the execution.

At Cannverge, our mission is to fill the void of experience and expertise and provide an outsourcing process of management that’s designed after a hospitality management model, focused not only on the product but customer satisfaction at every level. We truly believe that cannabis has a profound impact in adding pleasure to our lives, improving our health and wellness, and creating a huge business opportunity for the savvy investor and entrepreneur.

We sweat the details…all of them…so you don’t have to. And all at a cost that’s more than affordable.

So whether you need help in just growing, cultivation and operations, OR are looking for a turnkey solution to include assistance in project design or redesign all the way through product sales, marketing and destitution, we have your answer.

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