Our leaders instill passion, confidence, and trust throughout the Cannverge organization, and it shows. Working with any one of our team members you’ll sense these qualities and see their impact on your business. Reach out to us at any time. We promise to listen and to continually improve our services as we have done since we began working to better the cannabis industry worldwide.

  • Pharm D. and MS in analytical chemistry with C-level management experience and 20+ years growing and experimenting with marijuana
  • Lecturer, speaker and recognized industry expert who is Operations VP of largest grow in Oregon and has taken it to the #1 selling flower in the State
  •  Cannabis consultant with 20+ years of experience in product QA and systems, including working with top pharmaceutical organizations
  •  Expert in living soil and no-till production methods with 20+ years’ experience currently managing multiple grows in Massachusetts
  • Industry Professional with 30 years’ experience in the industry including managing as many as 5 separate grows simultaneously. Experience with both indoor and outdoor, up to an acre. Developed his own proprietary genetics.
  • Extraordinary management and ownership expertise in outsource, real estate and facilities management
  • Results-driven executive and sales leader in multiple industries.
  • Successful 20+ year track record in Sales, Marketing and Business Management.